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We have represented thousands of clients in foreclosure and have thousands of success stories. We have obtained for our clients millions of dollars in principle reductions and deficiency waivers and have saved countless homes through loan modifications. Below is just a small sampling.

Nearly 2 years after client’s house was foreclosed on and her case was already closed, client then retained us. We found a technicality that gave us grounds to file a motion to reopen the case, set aside the auction and vacate the judgment. After a hard fight the judge granted our motion and client got her house back.

Client retained us after the foreclosure judgment was entered and right before auction. We successfully vacated the foreclosure judgment and during the course of litigation lender could not produce documents we demanded. Ultimately lender realized they could not foreclose without the documents we demanded. Lender also realized they could not even prove what our client owed them. The case was then dismissed with prejudice. (Meaning lender is prohibited from filing again in the future) Lender subsequently recorded a release of their mortgage lien. Our client owns the house free and clear free of any mortgage.

Lender denied our client for a loan modification after she was accepted for a trial modification and lender filed a foreclosure. Client then hired us to defend foreclosure and obtain a loan modification. We filed a counterclaim against lender for breach of contract. Lender subsequently agreed to offer a loan modification. By that time client needed to relocate so in lieu of the modification despite client being very underwater we obtained a $50,000 settlement in exchange for giving the house back.

Client retained us to defend their foreclosure case on their residence. We were successful in proving the lender failed to provide a required notice prior to filing the foreclosure case so lender ultimately agreed to dismiss their case. Lender then refiled another foreclosure case. We ultimately once again were able to prove lender failed to satisfy certain requirements. Lender dismissed their foreclosure case again. Lender refiled the case a third time. We then filed a motion to dismiss the case with prejudice. We ultimately prevailed, meaning lender is not permitted to ever foreclose.

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