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It is never easy to lose a loved one or a close family member, even if the person's death was not unexpected. Sadly, however, it is not unusual for disagreements to arise regarding the disposition of the decedent's assets and property. Disputes of this type can be complicated, personal, and emotionally charged, and they can even have the power to tear your family apart. If you and your family are involved in a contested probate matter, the skilled lawyers at Newland & Newland, LLP can provide the help you need.

The attorneys at our firm have more than 60 years of combined experience in the practice of estate planning and probate law. We have helped many clients throughout Northern Illinois, and we are ready to put our knowledge and skills to work for you and your family. Our team represents executors, trustees, and other fiduciaries, as well as heirs and beneficiaries in all types of contested probate cases.

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When a resident of Illinois dies, his or her estate might need to go through probate before named heirs will receive any of the decedent's assets. Whether probate is required will depend on the size of the estate, the nature and value of the assets included, and other considerations. During the process of probate, the deceased person's will and estate must be validated by the court, and all outstanding obligations must be settled. Only then will the decedent's remaining assets be distributed to heirs in compliance with Illinois law and any existing estate plans.

The probate process can often be long and expensive, not to mention very stressful and complicated, and many different problems could arise. Attorney Stephen S. Newland and his team are equipped to assist you with matters related to:

  • Disputes regarding property and assets;
  • Will contests, including concerns over testamentary capacity or undue influence;
  • Alleged breaches of responsibility by executors or trustees; and
  • Invalid or fraudulent estate planning documents.

While it is possible for probate to be contested by a creditor or another outside entity, most such matters are initiated by a named heir or beneficiary who believes that he or she was unfairly denied his or her rightful inheritance. At Newland & Newland, LLP, we realize that disagreements with a decedent's estate planning decisions are not valid grounds for contesting probate. A claimant must have a valid basis for making such a challenge, including credible suspicions of fraud, negligence, or fiduciary misconduct.

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In the months that follow the death of a loved one, the last thing you would want to do is to upset your already-grieving family. Sometimes, however, it might be appropriate to challenge the validity of a will or trust or to call attention to problems with your deceased loved one's estate. At Newland & Newland, LLP, we understand the personal and sensitive nature of such cases, but we also recognize the importance of protecting the decedent's estate and legacy. We will work with you to explore your options and to weigh the potential consequences of initiating a contested probate matter. If a challenge is appropriate, we will remain at your side every step of the way to ensure that your rights as a beneficiary are fully protected.

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