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Actor Blames Television Show for his Bankruptcy

Posted on in Bankruptcy

According to a recent story in the TV Guide magazine, former CSI actor Gary Dourdan is blaming CSI for all of his financial woes. He initially filed his Chapter 11 personal bankruptcy case back in August of last year. In filing his bankruptcy case, he stated that he had approximately $1.8 million in assets while his debt equaled about $1.73 million.

He recently filed new documents in this case that state that he went broke after his character, Warrick Brown did the same. He was on the original CSI show that aired in October 2000. This original show is filmed in Las Vegas and the character that he portrays ends up having problems with gambling as well as other vices. This doesn't seem to be a far cry from the real life of Dourdan.

Dourdan has had several run ins with the law, which include having been sued by an ex girlfriend for assault and battery after he broke her nose. In another incident, he was arrested on suspicion of possessing heroin, ecstasy and cocaine, as well as several prescription drugs.

Dourdan stated that after being killed off of the show, he received what he described as “diminished payments of residuals” from the show. This he stated, caused him to eventually default on the two mortgages that he had at that time.

Any loss of income or employment can cause you to be in a financial bind. If you are considering filing a bankruptcy case of your own, you need to consult with an Illinois bankruptcy attorney who can advise you of the things that you can and can't include. Your attorney will also make sure that you file the right type of case that best fits you and your situation. There have been recent changes to the legislation that your lawyer can advise you on.

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