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Read Our Top 20 Bankruptcy and Real Estate Blogs for 2020

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Lake County bankruptcy and foreclosure lawyerAt Newland & Newland, LLP, we regularly publish blogs that provide people with helpful information about financial issues that may affect them. Whether we are looking at how individuals or businesses can file for bankruptcy, the process of buying or selling residential real estate property, or the options for homeowners who are facing foreclosure, we want to let people know how they can address their legal concerns. We wanted to highlight some of the blogs that were most popular with our readers in 2020:

  1. What is Chapter 22 Bankruptcy? - While “Chapter 22” is not an official part of the bankruptcy code, it is an informal term that may be used to describe a situation where a company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for a second time.

  2. How Do I Get Information About an Illinois Bankruptcy Case? - We offer information about how to access public bankruptcy records.

  3. Can a Church File for Bankruptcy? - We examine the legal issues that may affect religious organizations during the bankruptcy process.

  4. If I Leave the Country, Will My Personal Debt Follow Me? - We look at why moving away from the United States will likely not be an effective solution for dealing with debts.

  5. What Happens When a Bankruptcy Case is Dismissed? - A bankruptcy petition may be dismissed due to procedural errors or because of dishonesty or abuse by the petitioner.

  6. Do I Have to Disclose My Bankruptcy to My Employer? - We look at how bankruptcy and debt-related issues can affect a person’s relationship with current or future employers.

  7. What am I Obligated to Tell Employees About Upcoming Bankruptcy? - Businesses that are filing for bankruptcy should be sure to let employees know how they will be affected.

  8. What Right Do I Have to Reinstate My Mortgage to Avoid Foreclosure? - Homeowners may be able to avoid the loss of their home by catching up on missed mortgage payments and paying any related fees or court costs.

  9. What to Consider When Evicting a Commercial Tenant in Illinois - We look at issues that property owners should be aware of in commercial eviction cases.

  10. Understanding a Consent Foreclosure in Illinois - Homeowners who cannot avoid foreclosure may be able to negotiate a beneficial agreement with their mortgage lender.

  11. How Could My Bankruptcy Affect My Family? - We examine the different ways family members may be impacted during a bankruptcy case.

  12. Can a Trust Protect My Assets if I Declare Bankruptcy? - Certain types of trusts may be able to safeguard assets and ensure that they will not be seized by creditors.

  13. Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy with a Variable Income - A Chapter 13 debt repayment plan will be based on a person’s income, but those with variable incomes may need to perform additional calculations based on the average amount they earn each month.

  14. Avoid These Common Mistakes When Looking for Your Next Home - We look at issues that may affect prospective homebuyers during or after a transaction.

  15. Foreclosure Fraud in Illinois: Are Your Mortgage Documents Valid? - Homeowners may be able to avoid foreclosure based on invalid paperwork or illegal practices by lenders.

  16. Why Child Support Payments are Not Subject to the Automatic Stay - We look at how child support may be affected by a parent’s bankruptcy filing.

  17. Working as a Freelancer? Bankruptcy Issues to Consider - We examine some of the issues that people who are self-employed or who work as independent contractors may need to address when filing for bankruptcy.

  18. Federal Authorities Freeze Foreclosures and Evictions - During the COVID-19 pandemic, a moratorium has been placed on cases that could remove a person from their home, and people also have options for receiving financial relief.

  19. Commercial Landlords Face Challenges Caused by the Coronavirus - Owners of commercial property may be able to work with their tenants to address financial issues that have arisen due to the COVID-19 crisis.

  20. Your Lender Could Owe You Money after Foreclosure - We examine situations where a homeowner may receive a refund after their mortgage lender completes the foreclosure process.

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