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Libertyville foreclosure defense attorneysThere is no question that it can be extremely scary to face an imminent foreclosure. If you are substantially behind on your mortgage, you probably know that foreclosure is a possibility, but things will get all too real when you receive notice that your lender has initiated foreclosure proceedings. Unfortunately, the seriousness of the situation leads many homeowners to become overwhelmed—which often leads to avoidable mistakes. A qualified foreclosure defense lawyer can help you avoid some of the most common mistakes and protect your family’s future.

Mistake #1: Ignoring Notices

Perhaps the biggest mistake that you could make if you are delinquent on your mortgage is to ignore attempts at communication by your lender. Your lender will most likely call and send notices in the mail as soon as you miss a single payment. You might be embarrassed by your situation, but avoiding communication will not get you anywhere. There is a good chance your lender has options available for rehabilitating your loan or other avenues to help you avoid foreclosure altogether.

Mistake #2: Giving Up Immediately

Many homeowners believe that once their lender initiates foreclosure proceedings, they will automatically forfeit their home. This is simply not true. In Illinois, all foreclosures are handled through the court system, which can be notoriously slow. In the meantime, you and your attorney can continue negotiating with your lender to resolve the situation. You might not have as many options as you did before the lender filed, but you will have still have the chance to work things out and keep your home.


Libertyville foreclosure lawyerAs most people know, regardless of whether or not they have ever owned a home, foreclosure is the process that lenders use to reclaim a home from a borrower who has violated the terms of the mortgage loan agreement. The most common violation, by far, is the failure to make monthly payments as specified in the loan paperwork.

Foreclosure can be frightening, not to mention long and confusing for the average person, and it is easy to make mistakes when facing difficult circumstances. If you are seriously delinquent on your mortgage payments and foreclosure has become a possibility, you will want to avoid some common mistakes.

Mistake #1: Ignoring Letters and Calls From Your Lender

Under Illinois law, your lender cannot begin foreclosure proceedings until you are at least 120 days behind on your mortgage. In the meantime, your lender will probably start sending you letters and calling you to remind you that you are approaching default status. Taking these calls and responding to the letters will be uncomfortable, for sure, but ignoring them is not a good option. Your lender may have alternatives to foreclosure available that you would never learn about by avoiding their calls. In some cases, avoiding contact with your lender could even encourage the bank to push foreclosure proceedings along faster once you reach the 120-day point.


Lake County real estate attorneysThe idea of buying a new home is exciting to many people, but it can also be very intimidating. The fun parts include reviewing listings, thinking about the amenities you want in a new home, and possibly even kicking around ideas for interior decorating. Of course, the financial part of the equation is often where the challenges arise, and it can be confusing to deal with all of the legalese and real estate jargon that you might be hearing. For reasons such as these, it is important to work closely with a knowledgeable real estate attorney who can help you avoid some of the most common home-buying mistakes.

Mistake #1: Moving Before You Are Ready

Many would-be homebuyers get so excited about the possibility of owning a home that they overlook the importance of being truly ready to settle down. While most people prefer the idea of building equity in a home instead of paying rent, many experts recommend renting for a while when moving to a new city or state. Once you sign on to buy a home, you could be stuck in it, even if you decide you do not like the area. Get settled and comfortable in the new town first, then you can begin looking for that place of your own.

Mistake #2: Too Much House, Too Little Money

You and your spouse, if applicable, should work with your attorney and your real estate agent to determine what your realistic budget should be. Once you have decided on a budget, you need to stick to it. You might be tempted to exceed your budget so that you can have a few more “nice things,” but going over your budget is dangerous. Could you still afford the extra money each month if you were suddenly unable to work or if something happened to one of your children? One way to make sure you stay under budget is to seek pre-approval for your mortgage loan.

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