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Wait or Commit? Buying a Home While Interest Rates Are High

 Posted on June 28, 2023 in Real Estate

IL real estate lawyerMost Americans do not have the luxury of waiting to sell or purchase a home when the real estate market is ideal. A growing family, employment opportunities in a new area, or a significant change in circumstances may warrant a move regardless of whether market conditions are what one would wish. Current aspiring homebuyers, for example, may need to make a purchase even though interest rates are particularly high and inventory is low in many areas. Thankfully, if it is time to commit to buying a new residence, there are safeguards that can be put into place to better protect the interests of a new homebuyer who is navigating a challenging market.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

It is true that when the market is less than ideal, some aspiring homebuyers would do better to wait – if possible – for better conditions before making such a large investment. Specifically, due to very high-interest rates, homebuyers who would need to max or exceed their budgets in order to make a purchase and those whose income streams are uncertain may want to wait, if they can, to make a purchase.

However, there are benefits to navigating an imperfect market for those who are in a position to buy. For example, houses are not generally being snatched off the market in a matter of hours or days, as they were not so long ago. It is, therefore, easier to take one’s time deciding whether a property is a good fit and to better ensure that proper protections are in place before a homebuyer commits to a specific house. Additionally, home prices are finally trending lower, which means that it may soon be possible to get a “good deal” on a property that may have featured a hyper-inflated asking price last year.

Connect with an Experienced Lake County, IL Real Estate Lawyer to Learn More

If you are thinking about purchasing a home but you have concerns about navigating the current market, know that there are legal protections that can be put in place to better safeguard your interests and your investment. Speaking with the knowledgeable North Chicago, IL real estate lawyers at Newland & Newland, LLP can help to ensure that your decision-making process is fully informed.

By scheduling a confidential case evaluation at no cost, you can begin the process of learning more about your rights and options as a potential homebuyer. While real estate agents can help you to manage your search, our experienced and reputable legal team can help you to protect yourself throughout the home-buying process. To get started, you can call the firm directly at 847-549-0000 or can submit your contact information via our firm’s website at any time. We look forward to speaking with you.



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